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Ted is a very special bear, he is touring the country raising money for Macmillan nurses. We are lucky enough to be on his busy schedule and he has been staying with us for a few days. Here is his blog:

Ted Visits Cornwall

Tuesday – Rattler Day!
“After arriving in Camborne after a long night on the Penzance sleeper from Paddington I was relieved to be able to stretch my legs and take a turn around Gary and Jo’s 200 acre estate. Well I say their estate, it actually belongs to Duchy College and Jo and Gary own a little cottage in the grounds, but that’s near enough!! I had a ride on a tractor and a digger and climbed an apple tree in the orchard trying to scrump some apples. Bobble didn’t like heights though so we had to get down.

Ted arrives at Rosewarne

Tractor Driver Ted!

Ted scrumping for apples in the orchard

That evening we went to an old Cornish pub, The Victory Inn at Towan Cross and I enjoyed my first pint of Cornish Rattler cider. The pub is right on top of the cliffs between Porthtowan and St Agnes and as well as being full of old smuggling tales it used to be an resting place for coffin bearers! We took part in the pub quiz raising money for the Cornish Air Ambulance. It was a raucous affair of 17 teams, ours was named ‘Bearly With It.’ Considering Jo, Gary and Tom had never been higher than third out of five teams I was expecting abject humiliation but with my obviously vast general knowledge we came a rather brilliant second!! Apparently the team that won always wins so they don’t really count! By the end of the evening I was getting a real taste for Cornish Rattler!”

Ted at the pub quiz

Wednesday – Surfing Day!
“Today we hit the surf! We went to The Best Beach in the World – Gwithian. After a jaunt on the rocks to see Godrevy Lighthouse and a rather too close for comfort cliff edge photo shoot with St Ives in the background, Jo gave me strict instructions and pointers on safety in the sea when surfing. Bobble and I tried body boarding and belly boarding and personally we found the belly board a perfect size for stand up surfing! Apparently the Bellyboarding World Championships are next month at Chapel Porth. I am tempted to stay and take on the world although will need to find myself a Victorian swimming costume! There must be one around somewhere!

Ted and Bobble at Gwithian Beach with Godrevy Lighthouse

We didn’t stay in long though as the surf shop didn’t have a wet suit to fit me and the water was rather cold!

Still, we rather fancied ourselves as surfer dudes!”

Surfer Dudes!

Thursday – Chickens!
“Jo is rather obsessed with chickens and has 8 ex-battery hens. They are all feathery and beautiful now (if rather large when you are a little bear and a bobble) but were really featherless and sad when she got them as they had spent 18 months in a battery cage with no room to move. Hardly a good way to treat them!

Today we drove up to Camelford to get two more ex-battery hens that needed a home and I was shocked at how sad and featherless they looked. They are called Daisy and Dolly and next time I come to stay I hope to see them all feathery and beautiful! Still, we bought them home and put them in their new coop and left them to settle in. I was keen to meet the other chickens so I fed Clara, Constance and CocoChanel. They spent 2 years in a cage and couldn’t walk when they first came out but now I think they look beautiful! They loved the chard tops I fed them and after a while I even managed to stroke Clara! Bella is the other chicken that apparently likes cuddles but she is the top chicken and I am just a bit scared of her!”

Feeding the chickens!

Friday – Eggs!
“This morning we had great eggsitement and went to collect the eggs from the nestboxes! There were 6 in there so Gary cooked up 1 each for Bobble and I for our breakfast! Served on a special Cornishware plate.

The eggs Ted and Bobble collected!

Cornwall is a beautiful place to stay. The beaches are beautiful, the weather can be quite good (!) and the food is amazing! I am looking forward to coming back here again.”

Ted (and Bobble) x



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