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Many of you will remember that last year Effie was treated for her Earfection, the upshot of which was she had a suspected tumour or blockage causing the problem but with her being otherwise healthy (and elderly) we decided not to investigate further.

Sadly, in the past week or so Eff has been losing her sight. I think it is just in one eye but it is hard to gauge the extent. I first noticed it one morning when she was standing still and seemingly unable to move (this disorientation is something I had noticed a couple of times before). When she did start to walk, she walked into walls and the door and was totally unable to jump up the small step into the Human Coop. When I tried to tempt her with an eggy treat she was unable to peck at it, missing the mark by quite a way.

I remember a couple of years ago, beautiful Clara losing her sight, and she died very suddenly overnight. The Avian Vets thought she may have had an infection that caused the loss of sight, so I dosed Effie up with baytril and metacam just in case, although in my heart of hearts I knew it was the tumour pressing on her optical nerve. When I spoke to the Avian Vets they agreed it was the most likely scenario but as long as her quality of life was good then she would be OK.

As she was so very vulnerable outside and understandably prone to panicking, we have moved her inside permanently so she is in a familiar and safe environment. She is now sleeping in the lounge at night and can potter about the downstairs during the day. Her little Lemony bantam is still broody but as soon as she starts to come out of it I will reintegrate her with her bantie sisters before putting them all into the main flock in the Big Girls’ Garden. Effie will then have escorted walks around her garden when the weather is good.

She has adjusted very well to her loss of sight and is now able to eat more easily. We have found putting food in contrasting bowls – such as bright egg yolk in a dark bowl – is a big help, as is tapping the bowl gently to guide her. Just as if we had a small child in the house, we have removed anything she may injure herself on or trip over, such as wires, shoes etc. She is still enjoying her food, in particular any naughty treats such as egg, couscous, sweetcorn and a little cheese but I am very much of the opinion that, at this stage, anything she eats is a good thing. With our help, she is coping.

But it is breaking my heart. I am all too aware we are taking steps along Effie’s final journey with us and the care we are giving her is now very much end of life. The tumour is not going to go away and her eyesight is not going to improve. The thought of losing her is too much to bear. I want to spend every minute of every day with her as I know that there will not be many more days that she will bless my life, where I will be able to tell her just how much I love her. So every day I can hold her, stroke her feathers, breathe in her special Effie-scent and tell her just how much she means to me must be a good day. And I must hold myself and my breaking heart together for her until she tells me it is time to go.

Effie in the sun last year

Effie in the sun last year

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